Company History

In 1912 two enthusiastic machinists opened a small tool and dieworks in  Hartford, Connecticut, with a goal to produce premium products as fast and efficiently as possible. Their philosophy quickly paid off. The partners established a reputation for precision work among both civilian and military users, and before long they were manufacturing components for the likes of the Royal Typewriter Company, Pratt & Whitney Aircraft and many other prestigious companies. Nielsen & Wilson, became Nielsen Tool & Die Inc., and shortly after put it’s entire production into the World War II war effort.

In 1944 new partners Milton and Randy Nielsen produced a line of specialized case and container hardware re-establishing Nielsen’s niche in the new civilian economy. And, as hardware became the driving force behind the Company’s consistent growth, the name was changed to Nielsen Hardware.

In 1993, J.H. Sessions & Sons was merged into Nielsen. Founded in 1854 as a manufacturer of simple wooden trunk handles and knobs, Sessions ultimately set the industry standards for hardware products that satisfied a range of case and container applications. The alliance of the two companies created Nielsen Sessions. The new team’s skills and combined reputation for quality was further endorsed by ISO certification, awarded to Nielsen Sessions in 1996.

Today, Nielsen is the leader in engineered hardware, offering quality and quantity advantages to users worldwide. Nielsen has moved to a new state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Binghamton, New York and continues to meet the demands of customers, while developing production specific to customer’s application needs. Nielsen’s goal is to provide design innovation, world class manufacturing and dedicated customer support.