990 Series Handles



90° Stop with Return Spring

Nielsen’s 990 series Half Plate Handle offers the compact, reduced-surface-area mounting advantages of half-plate handles, with an added safety and performance feature! All of Nielsen’s 990 series handles incorporate a plate design that accommodates an oversized stainless steel return spring and a strong 90° stop the handle ensuring retraction of the handle when released from the carrying position. Retracted handles are less subject to damage from impact with heavy objects, maintain minimum clearances for case loading, and most importantly, eliminate any dangers to personnel from potential shin or other injuries suffered when moving near cases.

The 990 series reliability factors are impressive. The handle’s design load is 100 pounds.

The 990 series handles can be ordered with a wide variety of standard mounting options. Available in steel, with finishes of zinc, cadmium plate, zinc and black. Component parts are plated prior to assembly for full coverage.

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Weight 0.7 lbs

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