CAD/CAM Design

Nielsen CAD/CAM Design

High-quality parts begin with advanced engineering. To ensure quality and precision in every product we engineer and build, Nielsen Hardware utilizes the latest CAD and CAM software. With over 150 years of industry experience combined with the latest digital engineering tools, our team is able to provide the insight and support necessary to move your project from concept to prototype, to high-quality component.

Proper Design is Essential to Cost-Effective Production

At the beginning stages of your project, our engineers are able to offer helpful feedback on your fastener design, help identify potential problem points, and propose the optimal material and design to make your component affordable to manufacture and effective in the field.

Only the Best Engineering Software

Our engineers use top of the line Solidworks CAD software to provide a comprehensive latch, handle or strike design created directly from your drawings or re-engineered from an existing part. This phase of the design process ensures quality and accuracy when it comes to the manufacturing phase of your project. After the model is created and re-worked we use Camtool and Mastercam to generate precise cutter paths so your component can quickly be manufactured. This process can save your company thousands of dollars in costly mistakes and unanticipated issues that may arise during real-world use of your component.

Do you Need Expert CAD/CAM Services?

Our engineering team is ready to help you with your upcoming project. Fill out our quote request form to provide us with details of your existing fastener or upload your current part drawings using our file upload tool. You can call 607-821-1475 at any time to speak directly with one of our experienced CAD/CAM experts who will help you begin the process of designing or redesigning your part for success in the field.