Nielsen Hardware has over 150 years of experience in engineering custom latch, handle and other hardware solutions for a wide variety of industries and applications. Our expert team of engineers can take your concept and apply their years of expertise to ensure peak performance in the field.

While the function of a fastening solution may seem simple, there are number of real-world variables that can impact the performance of a product. From torque, temperature, exposure to the elements and more, one overlooked aspect in the design phase can have significant effects on how a part performs out in the field.

Nielsen Hardware’s team of expert fastening engineers can work with your engineering department to perform an in-depth analysis of existing parts and procedures. This in-depth look into your operation helps us identify potential cost and material savings along with improved performance while mitigating risk.

Our fastening engineers continuously help our customers meet demands by identifying the following:

  • Optimal fastener selection for your application
  • Engineering methods to reduce weight
  • Identifying methods to reduce part complexity
  • Part verification and testing
  • Manufacturing cost analysis
  • Part integrity analysis
  • 3D Part Prototyping

What Do You Get When You Partner With the Engineering Team at Nielsen Hardware?

Partnering with our experienced team of fastener engineers gives you the full commitment of over 150 years in identifying and solving problems in virtually any industry. As a Nielsen customer, we can offer you the best possible engineering support providing you with an optimal end product.

  • Committed team of fastener engineers who work directly with your engineering team
  • A team of quality assurance experts offering technical support in all areas of your design
  • Re-engineering, standardization and rationalization for new and existing products and application
  • Identification of issues before manufacturing begins and solutions to correct the problems
  • Identification of areas where cost saving techniques and materials can be applied.

Re-engineering Services

When a new project is brought in, Nielsen Hardware’s experience in-house engineering team goes to work reviewing your existing product specifications. Re-engineering hardware brought to us by our customers is what has made Nielsen an industry leader and experts in our field.

Every component goes through the following re-engineering procedures:

  • Weight evaluation and analysis
  • Design improvements to ease operational use
  • Material analysis to measure effectiveness of alloys
  • Potential upgrades to allow for enhanced performance
  • Part integrity analysis to identify potential design flaws

The goal of every re-engineering project is quicker turnaround time through time-saving manufacturing methods, easier operation using less energy, and the highest quality safety and production standards available.

Are You Ready to Partner with a Fastener Engineering Leader?

Our engineering team is ready to help you with your upcoming project. Fill out our quote request form to provide us with details of your upcoming project (including any drawings). You can call 607-821-1475 at any time to speak directly with one of our experienced engineers who will help you begin the process of engineering your part for success in the field.