New Product Development

Nielsen Hardware New Product Development Process Image

New Product Development Process

Nielsen follows a disciplined phase gate process encompassing all the design requirements as well as optimizing for manufacturability and cost. Rapid prototyping and FEA analysis and simulated field tests are all part of the new product development process. Nielsen has the unique ability in partnering with your engineering team to customize a product for each application.

Nielsen Hardware Leverage Expertise

Leverage Our Deep Expertise

Our product design, analysis and engineering expertise are at the core of our hundreds of custom designed products. From proof of concept to the manufacturing floor, our team is ready to share our expertise in latch and fastener design at every stage of your project.

Simplifying Complex Challenges

At Nielsen, we have the talent, discipline and insight to help you tackle and simplify even the most complex engineering challenges. We not only help you bring your innovative products to market reliably and quickly, but we also help you maximize profitability at every stage of your project.

Optimizing Manufacturability

Our team is widely recognized for our elegant and functional product design along with our world-class engineering insight. We pride ourselves on not only delivering products that perform well but also can be manufactured intelligently and cost-effectively.