514-30 Series Handles 90° Stop & Return Spring

514-30 Series Handle

The 514 Series shares many of the popular features of our sturdy 945 handle including 90° stops and a compact mounting footprint, but is offered as an economical alternative. To order handles without springs, delete the "2" from the part number. To order handles without rubber grips, delete the "RG" from the part number. Also[…]

500 Series Handles 90° Stop with Return Spring

500 Series Handle

Compact design and economical construction make the 500 Series Handle the most popular choice for many applications. The 500 Series offers a reduced mounting plate area and 3 mounting holes for quick attachment. The 500 Series handles include a 90° stop and come completely assembled with a stainless steel return spring and rubber grip. Other[…]

980-1303 Arctic Glove & Large Bail Handles

980-1303 Series Handle

Extrawide for two-handed lift with a 90° stop. The Nielsen 980-1303 series incorporates the reliable 980 handle plate design to bring you the first standard, two hand lift, MIL-SPEC. handle available. These handles have 90° return springs and a 1" diameter neoprene grip. Handles are shipped as 5 components. Plate material: Steel Bail material: Steel[…]

945-G Heavy Duty Guarded Handles

945-G Guarded Handle

Verydurablewitha90°stop. Meets various military specifications. Similar to our 945 Series but incorporates a fully guarded plate to protect the bail from impacts. Steel Plate Available (.90 Thick) Part Number Plate Material Plate Finish Bail Material Bail Finish Grip Dia. Alum. Sleeve HA945GLS2RG75ZE 3003-14 Alum None Steel Zinc .75 Yes 945-400-01-01CA BACK UP PLATE

979, 980, 984, 985 Series Handles 90° Stop with Return Spring

979-980-984-985 Series Handle

90° stop and a clean appearance make these handles a popular choice among equipment and container manufacturers. The stainless steel, double torsion return spring offers reliable return of the handle bail after use. Parts requiring finish are plated separately to assure full coverage and corrosion resistance, even under the rubber grip. The stainless steel spring[…]

9945,9946,9955,9956 Series Handles

9945-9946-9955-9956 Series Handle

The same rugged design as our 845 series but uses a slightly smaller plate which takes up less mounting space. To order handles without springs, delete the “2” from the part number. To order handles without rubber grips, delete the “RG” from the part number. Also available to meet MS-13012 Military drawings. Part Number Plate[…]

945, 946 Series Handles

945-946 Series Handle

Our most rugged design makes these handles the mainstay on military containers and other applications where strength and durability are a must. These handles come to you completely assembled and ready for installation in a variety of sizes, finishes and configurations. A special aluminum sleeve located between the rubber grip and the ball assures the[…]

510 Series Chest Handles

510 Series Chest Handle

Our most economical chest handle, with 90° stop. No return Spring. 510-30-M01-ZB is available with no holes. Part Number Material Finish 510-01-M20-ZB Steel Zinc 510-01-M20-OW Steel Black Oxide 510-01-M20-QA Steel Black Enamel Paint 510-30-M01-ZB Steel Zinc

112-11 Series Chest Handles

112-11 Series Handle

Our most popular chest handle. These are used regularly for tack and other wooden box applications. The bail stops at 90° when lifting and incorporates two return springs to assure that the bail returns to the recessed position. Also available without Spring. Part Number Plate Bail Material Finish Material Finish 112-11ZE Steel Zinc Steel Zinc[…]