500 Series Handles 90° Stop with Return Spring

500 Series Handle

500 Series Handles 90° Stop with Return Spring

Compact design and economical construction make the 500 Series Handle the most popular choice for many applications. The 500 Series offers a reduced mounting plate area and 3 mounting holes for quick attachment. The 500 Series handles include a 90° stop and come completely assembled with a stainless steel return spring and rubber grip.

  • Other versions available on special order


Part Number Material Finish Group
500-32-M15-ZB Steel Zinc .53 2.97 1.81
500-56-M15-ZB Steel Zinc .75 3.09 1.70
500-32-M21-SP Stainless Passivated .53 2.97 1.81
500-56-M21-SP Stainless Passivated .75 3.09 1.70
500-32-M20-QQ Steel Black Epoxy .53 2.97 1.81
500-56-M20-QQ Steel Black Epoxy .75 3.09 1.70
900-91-M01-ZB Steel Zinc BACK UP PLATE

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